Electric Motors Optional Properties

PTC Thermistors

PTC Thermistors are connected in series to each phase and should be mounted on the motor windings. A PTC Thermistor can be used for the overheat sensing of the motors. The PTC Thermistor has a low current capacity and they can be connected to a control circuit with a relay or amplifier.

Thermal Switches

Thermal switches should also be mounted on the motor windings. Due to high current capacity, they can be connected in series to the control circuit. If the motor is overheated, thermal switches shut off the electric motor.

Anti-Condensation Heater - Space Heater

Anti-Condensation heaters are used to avoid moisture build-up on electric windings of electric motors during off time and keep the windings warm and dry. Anti-Condensation heaters should be mounted on the electric motor's windings. Different kinds of Anti-Condensation heatersare produced in different power and voltage according to frame size.

Tropical Insulation

Electric motor windings are protected against moisture and fungal growth using asynthetic resin between the winding spaces to get smooth surfaces and to prevent vapor damage, suitable for tropical weather conditions.