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Yılmaz Redüktör San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Founded in 1958 by Mesut Yilmaz, Yılmaz Redüktör quickly became Turkey's leading gearbox manufacturer, aided by consistent product quality, work discipline, strategic planning and consistent vision. Today Yılmaz Redüktör remains Turkey's leading gearbox producer and is rapidly becoming well known throughout the world. Yılmaz Redüktör uses its extensive experience to develop new products, uses the latest available production technology and continually invests in engineering to provide its customers with products that fulfill the expectations of the world market. Our products are used in many industries and our customers regard us as trusted partners.

Yılmaz Marketing Import Export San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Established in 1995 Yılmaz Marketing is responsible for import, export, logistics, personnel transport, catering and construction activities of our group companies. Since 2008 our company has extended its construction activities and completed the building of our Çerkezköy plant. A third plant is currently being built in Kıraç, Istanbul. Our experienced and dedicated staff ensures the continued fulfillment of customer expectations.

Mes Foundry San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Subsidiary MES foundry was founded to meet Yılmaz Redüktör's needs for cast part. The company has a capacity of 7200 tonnes per year and can produce standard cast iron, nodular cast iron and bronze castings. We have 85 workers, eight technicians and three engineers. The majority of MES Foundry's output – 95 percent – goes to Yılmaz Redüktör, the remaining five percent being for other companies in the market. Its facilities consist of two 2000 kg 1250 kW and two 500 kg 350 kW induction furnaces, 500x600 automatic Sinto moulding lines, a core making machine, an 800x1300x350 KW moulding line and an in-house test lab. With the new plant in Çerkezköy our annual casting capacity will increase to 20000 tonnes.